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A great care is taken for oranges, mandarins and other Frutínter's fruits along the entire process of production and distribution. From our fields to the end distribution, we monitor the process in detail in order that they preserve all their freshness and flavour.

This care starts already in the field, in exceptional places of the Mediterranean coast, where we plan our farming and we take account of the specific features of the land in order to select the most appropriated variety for it and for its specific micro climate.

Our nearly 50 years in farming also ensure the best selection in plants thanks to the work of our local farmers and all the innovations included along our way.

This selection and planning allow us to have any horticultural varieties that our clients may need, always taking full account of the quality specifications required for every product and national or international market.

For those products which require other special lands, we are able to count on the support of our associated producers from different areas around the country. These collaborators provide us with the best products for each season of the year, without losing sight of the methods and processes that we implement in our own fields.



For the best development of our fruits and vegetables, our fields are cultivated following the more important international Agricultural Good Practices and the standard GLOBAL G.A.P, in order to ensure the best respect to environment and food safety.


1: Irrigation. Optimal use of water. We are developing the "Frutinter's Cathedra" together with the UPV (Valencia Politechnic University). This study deals with the optimal use of water in aquifers in the north of Castellón. And it will bring great benefits to farmers and companies in the agri-food sector.
2: Plagues And diseases. Biological control with enemies or natural materials, from flowering. Application of natural microorganisms for the control of radicular pathogens.
3: Fertilization. Controlled and suitable release of fertilizers
4: Flora and fauna. Increase of auxiliary fauna of the crop. maintenance of native flora useful.
5: Packing Process. Water savings. Energy savings. Reduction of contamination with chemical treatments Ad-hoc. Ozanization of waste water. Reduction of acoustic and climate pollution.


In Frutínter, we care about the flavour of our products, that's why we develop our planning in order to harvest every product in their ideal ripening stage. During this process, we rely on the wisdom of the fields' managers and associated farmers, who, thanks to their long experience, help us reach the best way and the optimum harvest time.

To this end, we have also a tasting team in each manufacturing plant that monitors and registers the fruit's taste and adequacy when it arrives.


The special treatment that our fruits and vegetables have while growing up is also present in their processing and conditioning. Once the fruit is harvested in their ideal ripening stage, a correct handling is also vital to avoid a loss of its quality.

When the fruit arrives at our facilities, we classify it by quality and taste. After, we wash and polish it in order to protect it and to give it brightness. We select also the fruit by category and calibre. Once the fruit is conditioned in its appropriate packaging, the labelling and the pre-cooling is carried out before loading.

During this process of handling, we carry out all the necessary tests to ensure food safety, including some specific procedures of IFS, BRC and ISO9001 standards and our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP).

Also, we undertake our research to offer new packaging, like FRUIT-PACK, which should be more practical, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

During the entire production chain, we think it is essential to know under which conditions our fruit batches are. That's why we have implemented a Tracking system that allow us to monitor its whole path from the field to the end consumer, in order to identify and solve instantly any possible incidence. This system is based in RFID technology and is designed to prevent human error. Frutínter is the first company in our sector in using this modern technology throughout the citrus fruit packaging. Each pallet is identified by a special label, equipped with a microchip, that includes all the important information about the fruit (its traceability) and the information about its location throughout the conditioning and loading process.


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Food safety



Freshness and flavour determine what we offer. Thus we have always been concerned about getting the best certificates in agricultural food practices, which ensure the best fruit quality and food safety.

We work with international standards like IFS, BCR and ISO9001, which confirm that the fruits and vegetables under Frutínter label are developed in the best conditions and with the required monitoring to ensure their food safety.

Furthermore, a hundred percent of our own production and more than 60 percent of the citrus fruit associated production have the standard GLOBALGAP guarantee.

As a result of our research and experience, we have also incorporated our own critical control point system, the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point system (HACCP), specially designed to prevent food-related health hazards in our manufacturing plant.

Again for the purposes of transparency and quality, Frutínter, S.L. decided to encourage the cooperative association S.A.T FRUTANOVA CV470, which brings together our associated producers and allows a better management and marketing of our products, as well as the management of crops by a single technical department.


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